The Courage to Win Mental Toughness Seminar for
Peak Performance and Success

Lisa Brown

From: Lisa Lane Brown 
3-time World Champion  

Dear Friend,

If you isolate ONE THING about peak performers — the one thing that has put them at the pinnacle of career success, above anything and everything else, it is their inner game.

Call it mental toughness, confidence, courage – it is the profound ability stay in control and triumph when facing problems at work.

The opposite of mental toughness is fear. If a person is not exhibiting peak performance at work, he has three common denominators, all driven by fear:

1. He is stressed. The average person is overwhelmed with different types of work stress – deadlines, fear of failure or rejection, pressure from others, or confusion about his priorities. He then procrastinates, works on the wrong things, or does the bare minimum.

2. He is communicating poorly. The two most common mistakes are a) passiveness – failing to address issues (leading to poor results) and b) aggressiveness – complaining and criticizing (leading to low trust).

3. He is de-motivated. Without a strong inner game to deal with daily challenges from clients, co-workers, and his personal life, the average person falls prey to episodes of low motivation. This creates low productivity and job dissatisfaction.

The Intangible “Mental Toughness” Factor Hardly Anybody Understands

For the first time, there is a step-by-step formula for gaining the intangible mental toughness factor needed to conquer work challenges at lightening speed.

Those who possess this highly valuable, intangible mental toughness factor are prized for their results driven nature. Want to know what kind of performer grows his efficiency constantly, makes brilliant decisions that guarantees the success of projects, and leads others with assertiveness and trust?

It’s someone who knows how to master fear at work using the intangible “mental toughness factor.”

The Mental Toughness Formula for Self-Mastery and Peak Performance
at Work Revealed

Here’s what happened: There’s an athlete in Canada named Lisa Brown who was the best in her sport for about 24 years. She was the queen of performing in clutch situations, won several World Championships, and wound up in the Hall of Fame. 

You might think that Lisa led a charmed life, basking in the kind of money and fame that top athletes like Michael Jordan enjoy. No…that’s not what happened to Lisa.

Lisa’s sport was not well-known, and few females ever make a bona fide living in sport. So Lisa turned to her second career…that of teaching the intangible mental toughness factor hardly anybody understands–but that the best-of-the-best, world class athletes possess. 

Whether it was one-on-one coaching, seminars, or consulting, for 14 years Lisa helped people overcome their inner, emotional barriers to achieve peak performance.

You get the picture.

But now, Lisa has topped herself. Now, after 14 years, she has created a completely unique professional development program that has the potential to transform every person’s life…and…

“This Program Solves Every Performance Problem Including Procrastination, De-motivation, Poor Communication,
and Low Productivity”

Here was the original vision, the idea that came to Lisa: Is there a mental toughness formula we can use to dismantle fear and solve virtually every work challenge?”

The Courage to Win® formula has been 14 years in the making. It has been developed, researched, and assessed in applied work with over 6,000 people. Two solid years were spent writing it. It was then revised 23 times and tested in over 1300 live seminars. 

When the dust settled, approximately $258,000 had been invested in research and development over a 14 year period. This formula addresses the root cause of fear and underachievement, and it is not available from any other source.

Never Revealed Before. Not Talked About Or Taught Anywhere Else, by Anybody Else

The Courage to Win® at Work: Mental Toughness for Peak Performance Seminar gives your employees the path for transforming their inner game to create superior results. Here is a glimpse of the teachings presented in this training program:

1. Erase Stress and De-motivation. How to escape the conventional ways most people handle fear and stress at work. Left to their own devices, people DO have customary ways for dealing with fear that keeps them trapped in a destructive cycle of de-motivation. Let everyone else be governed by these tendencies—but not you.

2. Become A Person of Action and Influence. Most people tremble in fear when they sense resistance from colleagues or staff. This is ALL due to two giant communications mistakes that need never occur. By avoiding these mistakes, you will find it easy to gain trust and cooperation from colleagues.

3. Superior T-I-M-E management. According to Robert Half International, most people work approximately 50% of the time. The rest of the time, they take coffee breaks, check their personal email, and chat. In the other 50% of the time, they work on what is fun to do, not what is hard and important. This module reveals how to use mental toughness to dramatically increase efficiency and personal productivity.

4. Performing Flawlessly Under Pressure. Performance anxiety blocks people from tackling the tasks needed to produce breakthroughs for your organization. This module gives you the know-how to shine in pressure-filled negotiations, presentations,
or meetings.

5. Create Unparalleled Commitment to Results. This skill exists within EVERY results-driven person. Especially motivated performers commit to outcomes by mastering this core skill.

6. The Rare Relationship Mindset Genuine Leaders Possess. This mindset, in combination with the 10% harmony strategy, allows you to negotiate win-win outcomes and collaborations (rather than suffer the low trust that prevails in most cultures).

7. Eliminate perfectionism and self-criticism. Defensiveness, taking things personally, and struggling to make decisions are all due to an overdose of inner negativity. Learn why positive thinking is not enough to overcome this problem and what you really need to do to
defeat it.

You can see that, without sounding trite, it is about working “smarter” – with an advanced inner game that moves you fast and furiously through your emotional barriers.

Having taught these skills to employees of several top organizations in town, we’ve become absolutely convinced that there are few skills of comparable economic value.

The Courage to Win® is an incredible seminar. The tools I learned are life changing for me – I feel confident I’ll not get stuck spinning my
wheels again!

-Ila Edgar, University of Calgary

Each Participant Receives

  • Pre-program course instructions and guidance
  • A comprehensive program workbook
  • Weekly follow up articles on mental toughness and
    peak performance
  • The Courage to Win® Book by Lisa Lane Brown

Seminar Format

The Courage to Win® at Work Mental Toughness for Peak Performance Seminar consists of 14 hours of instructor led training. Dates for the seminar are scheduled based on your business calendar.

The daily schedule usually runs from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Fees are competitive, vary according to the number of participants, and are quoted on a per client basis.

The Courage to Win®: Mental Toughness
for Success Seminar is available for your company or event

This seminar is fast-paced, enjoyable, and delivers practical results for employees and teams. Participants will learn how to apply the Courage to Win® formula for superior performance at work. 

They will discover how to overcome setbacks, perform well under pressure, take action on difficult tasks, resolve conflict, and build trust. This seminar is available in two hour, half day, full day, and two day formats.

If you are interested in The Courage to Win® seminar, please contact (403) 261-2726 to receive details. If you have specific dates for your event, we’re happy to “pencil them in” on our speaking calendar, giving you a priority hold for those dates while you’re making your decision. 

This is highly recommended as our seminar calendar often books up six months in advance!

After confirming with us that you want a Courage to Win® seminar, we’ll send you our pre-program questionnaire and schedule a private phone call with Lisa to discuss your event and learn more about
your expectations.

This enables Lisa to learn more about your company, your audience, their history, current challenges and opportunities and other information that will help Lisa match your needs. 

We want to know what you’d like your audience to take away from their seminar. We also request that you supply us with any printed materials and/or videos you may have on your company, your group and your event.  

This will provide us with valuable background information regarding your company’s products and services, and will help her customize a seminar that is more valuable to your organization.

Once your booking is confirmed, we’ll supply you with an audio-visual requirement sheet, which also includes tips for a successful seminar. 

If your organization would like to record the Courage to Win® copyrighted presentation, either on audio or video, we can provide you with an audio/video recording agreement.

We’re with you every step of the way—always ready to assist with details and questions. We want your experience with to be outstanding…a program where your people enjoy an informative and inspiring program packed with strategies and principles that can help them in today’s competitive marketplace!

To inquire about a Courage to Win® seminar, contact us:

Lisa Brown & Associates

Tel: (403) 261-2726

Partial Seminar Client List

University of Calgary Management Development Seminars

Alberta Professional Association of Geologists and Geophysicists (APEGGA)
Raytheon Canada
Enbridge Pipelines
SunLife Financial
TransCanada Pipelines
APEGGA, Calgary, Red Deer, Lloydminster and Fort McMurray Chapters
Nova Chemicals
National Sports Centre, Calgary
Colt Engineering
BP Canada Resources
Robert Half
Graham Construction Group Ltd.
Intercare Group Ltd.
Glencoe Club, Calgary
First Energy Capital Corporation
Alliance Pipelines
Canaccord Capital Corporation
University of Calgary Library Services
Alberta Worker’s Compensation Board
Olympic Oval
Alberta Energy & Utilities
Calgary Catholic School Board
Gowlings Law Firm
Bow Valley College
Canada Mortgage and Housing
Talisman Energy
University of Calgary – Women’s Volleyball, Basketball, and Field Hockey
National Curling Development Centre
Canada Softball
Alberta One Call Corporation
Alberta Corporate Service Centre
Smart Technologies
Shoppers Home Health Care
Alberta Gymnastics
University of Las Vegas
RGO Office Products


I have never enjoyed a training program this much." I am on my way to achieving my goal. I can hardly believe it's only been four business days since I left the Mental Toughness training program because so much has changed already. Thank you.

-Diane Mcphee, Spartan Controls

What Seminar Clients Are Saying

The Course has enhanced our performance at Raytheon. Mental Toughness Training improved our team dynamics—especially our openness and awareness of each other.

-Larry Glenesk,
Former Vice President, Raytheon Canada

I am very thankful to you, and very impressed with your style in running the seminar. I told a colleague of mine that my professional life will never be the same after taking this course

-Afrah Gabrail

BEST training I’ve ever taken. The Courage to Win®: Mental Toughness ALWAYS gets terrific evaluations from our clients and I often hear them say.

-Diane Dutton, Director, University of Calgary Management Development Seminars Program 

You will change the way you see situations. The Courage to Win® seminar is a must for dealing with life’s challenges. It is fast-paced and highly interactive. You will change the way you see situations and deal with people afterwards–guaranteed!

-Richard L. Duczek,
Former General Manger, Human Resources, Canoxy

The seminar was certainly thought provoking. The session was quite enlightening. Lisa Brown is one of the best facilitators I’ve seen in a long time.

-Sharon Langdon, Sunlife Financial

Your seminar was very well received by our members. On behalf of the APEGGA, thank your for your interesting presentation. I personally appreciate the energy of your presentation and the manner that you got everyone involved. Several of our members mentioned that you just
embodied confidence.

-Kim NG,
Professional Development Coordinator, APegga

Lisa showed me how to improve my performance. The seminar was enjoyable as well. Keep up the good work!

-Nathan Gollcher

The mental aspect of sport is so intriguing.’ Thanks so much for the excellent presentation on Mental Toughness. We received a ton of compliments on your session. The mental aspect of sport is so intriguing.

-Jim Jones, Softball Alberta

Our employees are more productive from this training. They are independent, able to solve problems, and complete several tasks at the same time. What’s even better is that they take responsibility for fixing the problem rather than avoiding it.

-Shannon Bell, Manager, Alberta One-Call Corporation 

Informative, Insightful, Entertaining, and Motivational.’ Your mental toughness presentation was informative, insightful, entertaining and motivational.

-Judy Turner, Alberta Women's Enterprise Initiative  

It was a great success. Your seminar at our Annual Dreambuilders Education Conference was a great success. Evaluations have been very positive. You willingness to share your expertise provided participants with a valuable,
practical learning experience.

-Jean Silzer, Dreambuilders Conference Coordinator  

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