Customer Feedback

Michelle Stiphout, University Basketball
MichelleLisa’s course was incredibly helpful. It’s odd because psychology is my favourite subject in school, but my mental game was seriously lacking. My favourite part would be doing the assignments, I find that they ensure that I’m taking in what is being taught and that I’m applying the lesson on the court.Michelle Stiphout
Anne Otto
Anne OttoI am a lawn bowler of three years and have improved dramatically since purchasing these. I have had many comments on how well I am playing. One of the men at our club told me today that he loves the way I do it. He said every time I go out, I go out to play. How good is that! I won the two bowls singles internal Club tournament, beating the girl who has “always” won it. I am loving it!Anne Otto
Brenda Staniforth, Coach, Canadian Olympic Women's Softball Team
Mental toughness training allowed us to turn our focus on the game itself. It is a practical approach based on real experience...she even helped me become a better coach to my athletes.Brenda Staniforth
Kirsten Swan, University of Calgary Women's Basketball Team
Doing mental toughness training with Lisa has made THE difference in my athletic career it's the reason I'm still a successful, competing athlete today. Mental toughness training completely changed my ability to perform AND my confidence level.Kirsten Swan
Jennifer Blakenship
Lisa you helped me through a recent Karate competition. I have been above average and even had some moments of triumph and learned something hew from each situation – the new way you are discussing is great! Quite frankly I’ve also take that same mentality as I search for a job right now.Jennifer Blakenship
Todd Sader, Elite Gymnastics Coach
Lisa thank you for giving ME the right focus for a coach - and that is being positive and patient while we work on our skill development even if it means re-teaching something I have already taught them. Sometimes an athlete will lose confidence in themselves, and lose a skill, it is our job as coaches to find ways to help them regain their confidence and belief in what they are able to do. You gave me just the tools I needed to get my athletes to overcome their fears.Todd Sader
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