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lisawhiteshirtThis personalized Breakthrough Results 1 on 1 coaching program with Lisa will shave years off your learning curve and transform you into a confident, winning, star athlete in record time.

A 3-time World Champion in her sport, Lisa has coached over 4,200 Olympic, national team, elite, and recreational athletes from over 22 countries. She is the founder of the Courage to Win and authored more than 26 personal development audio and video training programs. Her book, The Courage to Win, has gotten rave reviews; Entrepreneur Magazine called it, “A straight forward guide to success, highly recommended.”

Your coaching program with Lisa has five specific objectives. You will learn to:

  • Deliver astonishing, explosive, flawless performances under pressure, no matter how intimidating your event is
  • Create unshakable confidence in the hour before your event and maintain this confidence right to the finish despite distractions, setbacks, and adversity
  • Transform yourself into a tough competitor with the will to win, able to crush opponents even without special advantages like speed, great technique, or stamina
  • Break free of your self-limiting beliefs so you can go from good to world class in your sport
  • Remain in a cocoon of concentration throughout your event so you stay focused and dominant

Here are the specific components of your coaching program:

Individual Assessment

You will have the opportunity to analyze and assess your current mental skills. You will discover your areas of strength and areas for improvement – a few of which will shock you. Once your assessment is complete, Lisa will develop a program that will allow you to develop breakthrough confidence, deliver peak performances, and win virtually at will.

Program Format

FemaleSoftballWinningIn the Courage to Win® 1 on 1 Breakthrough Results Coaching Program, you will meet with Lisa every week for six weeks over the phone. If you wish, you can have the calls recorded to use as a powerful resource for yourself moving forward.

Results Tracking

fistpumpYou will gain incredible confidence, focus, and consistency by using our results tracking system in all of your training and competitions.


The Courage to Win ADVANCED 30 Day Program

The_Courage_to_Win_Sport_ADVANCED_30_Day_ProgramThese 4 Simple, ADVANCED Mental Toughness Secrets Will Show You How to Create Breakthrough Confidence,Start Winning Consistently, And Command Astonishing Respect in Your Sport!

Your program includes a complimentary copy of our flagship program, The Courage to Win in Sport ADVANCED 30 Day Program. Retail value: $197.00.

Summary Overview

Your 1 on 1 Breakthrough Results Coaching Program includes the following elements:

  • Individual Assessment
  • Custom-designed Courage to Win® in Sport Mental Toughness Training Program
  • Six one on one sessions with Lisa Lane Brown
  • Online results tracking, submitted weekly to Lisa
  • The Courage to Win ADVANCED 30 Day Program online course

Playing ice hockey

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Common Questions

How is mental toughness training different from psychiatry or psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is treating mental illness and attempts to help ill people function better. Psychiatrists can prescribe drugs. Mental toughness training is for people who want to become peak performers in their domain of performance, often sport. The Courage to Win® does not use psychotherapy or prescription drugs. We apply effective principles to build our clients’ self-esteem, confidence, courage, and focus so they can achieve the results they want.

Does it work? What have your clients achieved?
Yes! Our clients have won competitions such as local, regional, provincial, state, and national championships; attained scholarships and starting positions on their teams; received top rankings in their leagues; received MVP awards; and even become national team members and Olympians. We have worked with clients in over 200 sports including athletics, hockey, tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, volleyball, ringette, softball, baseball, curling, and many, many more.

What makes your training the best?
Three things. First, the Courage to Win® was created by a champion athlete, not an academic. The Courage to Win® founder, Lisa Lane Brown, is a 3 time World Champion in her sport who tested these strategies on herself first before sharing them with others. Second, the training has been researched, tested, refined, and proven in applied work with over 3,200 athletes in the past 19 years with incredible success. Third, it’s customized to you, allowing you to remove your performance blocks, trust yourself, and express your true genius out there.

What do I get? What is the format of the training?
Your program will take place over the phone, which is incredibly effective, because we record the calls for you to use as a powerful, ongoing resource. The sessions are all 50 min. Your mental toughness action assignments will be sent to you via email after each session, and your results tracking will be done online as well.

What else can we expect from your mental toughness training?
Most of our clients find that their new-found confidence and motivation enhances every part of their lives including school, work, and relationships. They have more energy, they find it easier to set and achieve goals, and communicate much more effectively.

Is your work confidential?
Definitely. Confidentiality and privacy are the cornerstone of an excellent training program. We respect that you are a unique individual and honour your privacy needs.

How do I get started?
Your first step is to email us at or call 403.261.12726 to set up a free, no obligation initial consultation to see if this is right for you. Simply send us an email with “I’d like a free consult” in the subject line and we’ll get right back to you to set it up. There is no cost or obligation in setting this up. If you would like to set up a program for your son or daughter, we recommend the parent do the initial consult so you can vet our services.

Tuition Fee
The fee for the entire program is $997.

Just look at what some of our athlete clients have to say:

Shannon Miller

Genuine confidence is an absolute necessity if you want to reach your potential. I've worked with Lisa as a personal mental toughness coach and have accessed Lisa's talents in training teams I have coached.

Lisa's work is very effective because she delivers the training at the level the clients need...and it's the type of training that you take with you and use on a daily basis towards success.

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller, Olympic Coach, Women's Hockey
Leah Hepner

This course is changing me. It is changing everything about my life. I have learned how human beings work…not just in sport but in life in general. I have taught my family about the things you teach me. They are mesmerized by what I read them. To understand human emotion changes the way I think and look at myself, and others around me. I am growing.

Leah Hepner, Figure Skating
Stacy Wilson

Mental toughness training gives you confidence. It's helped me play well under pressure and cope with injuries. I think it's essential if you want to perform to your potential. You owe it to yourself to do mental toughness training, and Lisa Brown's work is so practical because she teaches you skills you can use right away.

Stacy Wilson, Olympian, Women's Hockey
Laura Warner

Lisa's mental toughness online program made me a 2 time World Champion. I was ready to conquer every possible distraction in international competition. I played my best, even in the most high pressure moments.

Laura Warner, Team Canada, Ringette
Lori Sippel

Have you ever heard the adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Well, I was broke and I knew it. I knew Lisa was the person who could help me identify the root of my downward spiral. Lisa helped me "cut to the chase" and identify those things that were holding me back from attaining the mental edge I needed. Together we created a mental plan of attack that allowed me to stay empowered regardless of the circumstances.

Lori Sippel, Olympian, Women's Softball
Christine Parris-Washington

After mental toughness, I am now a better player physically and mentally. I am able to apply my focus for success. The program put everything into perspective for me. Christine Parris-Washington

Christine Parris-Washington, Olympian, Women's Softball
Charmaine Reid

I am a more focused, driven, and prepared player because of the Courage to Win®. Charmaine Reid

Charmaine Reid, Olympian, Badminton
Joella Bernard

Your information on mental toughness saved me a great deal of money. You made it so simple, be your own mental toughness coach! In the past I would wait for other people to tell me how good I was. Now I can create this confidence from the inside. My national show is at the end of the year and I know I will turn pro. Thank you!

Joella Bernard, Finalist, USA Women’s Heavy Bodybuilding
Bill Tschirhart

Lisa’s on-line mental toughness programme has allowed our athletes, on an individual basis, to gain the mental toughness skills so necessary in today’s world of high performance curling. It’s a winner!

Bill Tschirhart, National Development Coach for the Canadian Curling Association
Brad Kuhn

Mental toughness gave me the edge that I needed to become an elite curler. I had always been a good player, but weak mentally. I was able to overcome the one major obstacle that stood in my way. The mental toughness that I now have has helped in sport, life and my work. I am now better prepared to deal with people, because I am more confident.

Brad Kuhn, Elite Curler & High School Teacher
Keith Uthe

The course has been very enlightening and gratifying. It has moved me further along the road to success and will help me for years to come. I have enjoyed the assignments and the feedback provided. I know that the work I have done with you over the past month or so was part of the reason for my success at my most recent high performance camp! Keith Uthe

Keith Uthe, High Performance Basketball Official
Dany Urriza

I am 47 years old. Since I was a kid I liked to play tennis but at that time was expensive for my parents and they couldn`t afford it. Two years ago I had the chance to start having lessons, I thought that for this kind of sport you must start when you are a kid, but I was wrong. Soon I started to play matches and now I am playing in local tournaments.

I have to play to 18 years old kids sometimes, and at 47 this is very tough but I like the challenge. Today against all predictions I won a tough match and I know your book helped me do it. I was most of the time down in the score, but I won anyway 4-6, 7-6, 7-6. For the first time I was able to maintain focus in the important moments in a very long match. Thank you very much!

-Dany Urriza

Dany Urriza, Tennis Player Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Shawnee Harle

Mental toughness has the athletes confront their Inner barriers and access their self-confidence. I'm a better coach today because I know how to look beyond the x's and o's of the game. I relate to my athletes better.

Shawnee Harle, Head Coach University of Calgary Basketball
Jan Pula

I recently ordered The Courage to Win® in Sport ADVANCED Course and quickly absorbed Lesson 1, including the audio. The discussion on why winning is important made a significant impact on me and I shared it with my team. We participated in a bonspiel on the past weekend without having been on the ice this year yet…Our goal was to come home with a winning record having made progress on communication systems …we lost our first game – a close one — but then went on to win 7 straight and take home the Championship Flight prize! After each win we celebrated not so much the win but the satisfaction of knowing the win showed we were “evolving” and “growing” as individuals and as a team. You would have been amazed at how that shift in perception about winning and losing created a positive environment over the entire weekend. Honestly – this one lesson I learned has been worth the cost of the program! Jan Pula

Jan Pula, Laurentian University Varsity Curling Coach
Cal Wigston

This past March we made it to the gold medal match knocking off the previous OUA champs in 5 sets. Thanks to your candor, honesty, insight and adviceI was prepared to coach the many different personality styles my players had and be successful. You helped me understand myself this year and what I needed to do. I am way more confident in my coaching ability - thanks so much for everything you did to help me prepare for this year.

Cal Wigston, Head Coach Men's Volleyball University of Guelph
BJ Young

Lisa, I purchased “the courage to win” about three weeks ago. I read it thoroughly and did all the exercises numerous times. After I had a much better understanding of my anxieties and learned how to focus my energy in a positive way. I just returned from the USA high school Senior National wrestling tournament. Before your material I placed 12th in the state of NJ.I knew I was much better than that. After using your material I just placed 3rd in the country for 130lbs. senior wrestlers. Thank you so much.I will continue to use this focus for life.

BJ Young, Men’s Wrestling
Gail Lohman

At my World Triathlon Championship, your words were in my head throughout the event. I kept thinking about rhythm throughout the day. When we spoke, I told you my goal was to be top 10. I finished 9th. I finished with a PR. My previous fastest time in a race of this distance was 5:47. I was hoping to go 5:45. I finished in 5:39.

I am thrilled. Another exciting part is that my husband and I finished the race together. This has never happened before. Very cool that it happened in the World Championship. You really helped!

Gail Lohman, Triathlete
Corey Cowper

Lisa, you won’t believe the impact “The Courage to Win®” had on my Junior Varsity Boys High School Volleyball team (gr10-11).

It seemed whenever the team was in a playoff, they just could not win. For 2 full months we worked at skills and techniques to get over that hump of not being able to win the big games.

Nothing seemed to work. Here in front of me was an offer to purchase an Ebook, the exercises take only 7 days. I will be honest, I was very skeptical, but it was local to Calgary and I really did not have anything to lose, except the cost of the book! I purchased the book. In 5 minutes I walked through the visualization with them, breaking down the skill to very simple components having them see themselves performing the skill through their own eyes.

In a matter of 3 weeks the team went from not being able to win when it counts to losing not being an option, and our focus the entire time was never the win, but rather playing OUR style of game. I can’t say enough about how this program has positively impacted my approach to coaching.

Corey Cowper, Volleyball Coach
Matti Brannagan

Thank you very much miss Lisa for The Courage to Win® in Sport. Now I know what I need to do, I was missing a few steps. Thank you again, your answers have made my day!

Matti Brannagan
Heather Rankin

With the use of Lisa’s guidance, I have learned to manage the emotions causing the stress, and I have been successful in losing 45 lbs. I have never worked with a more intelligent, talented, inspirational, and committed professional whom you gain an immediate respect and trust for. With Lisa Brown, problems are just solutions waiting to happen.

Heather Rankin, Finalist, Olympic Curling Trials

Lisa I wanted to write and say thank you from my son and myself for The Courage to Win® in Sport and to let you know what a difference it has made in my son’s bowling game.My son, Matt, is a 17 year old High School Junior who has been on his school’s bowling team for 3 years. My son was bowling well at the beginning of the season, was not a varsity starter (5 man varsity team), but an alternate.

We purchased the system at the beginning of the season and he read it over the Thanksgiving break. Within the first week of coming back from the break, he was starting varsity. By the Christmas break he was the number 3 man on the starting varsity squad. He felt the system had helped him to focus and be mentally tough enough to out bowl his competitors and his team mates.

At the beginning of last week he felt he was in a bit of a slump, so on Wednesday night he refreshed himself with it. At Thursday and Friday’s matches, he had high game and high series for his team at both matches.

However, his success didn’t end there.

On Saturday at his home town’s sponsored high school tournament, he bowled a perfect 300 game.

12 solid strikes!

This is only the 6th time in the 24 year history of the tournament that a 300 has been bowled. In the 10th frame, as he bowled the 3 strikes, he had close to 300 people watching him.

A reporter from The Newark Star-Ledger was present and interviewed him. Here is my son’s quote: `I was able to keep my focus, keep my eyes on the target and my hand behind the ball,’ said Barros, who averages 202. `When I was going for my last three strikes, I didn’t realize anyone was here. It was just me and the lane.’

His comment to me after he had calmed down was, ‘thanks for getting me that system, it really helped me to stay focused.’

The system and your email tips have had a huge impact on my son’s bowling career. It really is a great formula!

Keith Barros
Anne Otto

I am a lawn bowler of three years and have improved dramatically since purchasing these. I have had many comments on how well I am playing. One of the men at our club told me today that he loves the way I do it. He said every time I go out, I go out to play. How good is that! I won the two bowls singles internal Club tournament, beating the girl who has “always” won it. I am loving it!

Anne Otto
Brenda Staniforth

Mental toughness training allowed us to turn our focus on the game itself. It is a practical approach based on real experience…she even helped me become a better coach to my athletes.

Brenda Staniforth, Coach, Canadian Olympic Women’s Softball Team
Michelle Stiphout

Lisa’s course was incredibly helpful. It’s odd because psychology is my favourite subject in school, but my mental game was seriously lacking. My favourite part would be doing the assignments, I find that they ensure that I’m taking in what is being taught and that I’m applying the lesson on the court.

Michelle Stiphout, University Basketball

Partial Client List

National Sports Centre, Calgary (all sports)
The Olympic Oval High Performance Training Centre
The Glencoe Club
University of Las Vegas Softball
The Calgary Winter Club
The National Curling Development Centre
Alberta Gymnastics
Calgary Archery
Alberta Basketball
University of Calgary CIAU Program (all sports)
The Bob Niven Training Centre
University of Duluth Hockey
University of Calgary Women’s Basketball (Dinos)
Canadian National Softball Team

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