FINALLY – Superstar athlete reveals the amazing secrets of the Great Jock Mind!!

Stop Over-Thinking, Over-Analyzing, and Over-Criticizing Your Performance and Instead Unleash Your GREAT JOCK MIND and Win Under Pressure! 

It's Simple, Effortless, And I Guarantee it!

Let go of the frustration and anxiety of over-thinking and over-analyzing your performance…of losing focus and concentration when you need it most…of underestimating and criticizing yourself…and finally learn the astonishingly easy secrets of the GREAT JOCK MIND for winning under intense pressure.

Note: It does NOT mean longer and harder hours in grueling practice or training sessions! If you just want to get out there and compete (and command instant respect by winning the top events at the same time), you will LOVE my new program…

Here’s a confession: I almost decided NOT let the astonishingly easy secrets of the GREAT JOCK MIND out of the vault.

Why? Because when you discover how simple it is to command your secret athletic “sixth sense” – your GREAT JOCK MIND — and win consistently and without any trouble — I may never hear from you again.

You’ll have your mental toughness mindset down “cold,” and you just won’t need my coaching ever again.


Well, I’m throwing caution to the wind. I’m going to reveal these secrets anyway. They are just too spectacular not to share with my fellow athletes. I mean… it’s the DREAM of every athlete to be able to unleash an innate ability – an instinct so powerful that you can get 30%, 40% and even 50% better results instantly — with no additional practice! Plus, it a skill you can count on forever.

These are the type of “insider” secrets that most athletes are never privy to. Few, if any, of your opponents will ever stumble across them. However, for, right now…

Secret of the jock mind free pdf

Let me explain what this is all about: Now I don’t want to get super-technical on you… but all good athletes know there are two basic elements to sport: The technical, physical element (where you master certain skills)… and the mental toughness element (where your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs influence you).

The vast majority of athletes never experience how good they can truly be, because they are over-thinking. 

They are constantly over-analyzing their technique and their strategy, implementing “tips” (usually from coaches), ruminating over strategy, and taking lessons. Sometimes they even get obsessed with their equipment!

Most athletes believe that winning under pressure will come when their skills and technique are perfect…and if they could just “fix” their skills their performance will finally come together. 

(Hint: many coaches reinforce this notion because they are highly technical people who constantly correct their athletes to get them to execute their skills the right way).

Well, I have a newsflash: Your skills – right now, today – are just fine.

What we are going to do is unleash your GREAT JOCK MIND by developing your athletic “sixth sense.” See, true jocks edit and simplify things. In a fraction of a second they know what has to happen, what doesn’t, and where to make adjustments in competition. 

Remember Nadia Comaneci?

She was the Romanian gymnast who won three Olympic gold medals. She was also the first gymnast ever to be awarded a perfect score of 10 in an Olympic gymnastic event.

If Nadia started a gymnastics movement and felt that it could not be completed right, she would change to a different movement in 1/100th of a second, wiping out her initial error. She could improvise anything and no judge could guess what her first ‘thought’ was.

But NOTE: 1/100th of a second is not a time frame where THINKING is possible

Tennis great Martina Navratilova also had a Great Jock Mind. Because the visual images of what was going to happen were burned in her mind, Martina could predict the cause and effect of, “If I drag someone off the course with this shot, there’s no way they can get to that shot and do anything else but this.”

We’re going to eliminate your tendency to over-analyze and over-think that causes you to be inconsistent, to get clumsy and miss, and to inhibit yourself

— instead of express yourself effortlessly out there and win.

When you trust your Great Jock Mind, your body is capable of the most marvelous things.

So, chill out. Cultivating your Great Jock Mind will be the SIMPLEST thing you’ve ever done since joining your sport.

And it’s going to resolve the problems you’re having today.


Virtually overnight.

Whether you’re struggling with overwhelming performance anxiety (nerves), performing inconsistently, selling yourself short against certain opponents, plateauing in your skills, getting your confidence blown away by distractions, or feeling emotionally devastated by recent losses, we can eliminate these problems immediately.

WITHOUT changing your practice routines or adding countless hours of training.

Athlete Skiing

The cool part… we’ll repeatedly get you a better score, performance, or personal best.

I mean your very next performance, too.

What’s more, you’ll be psyched to know THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL TRAINING TIME INVOLVED. I don’t even recommend it.

Customer Reviews

“I Have Developed A Level Of Confidence And Calm That Rarely Leaves Me – Almost Like I Walk On The Tennis Court Wearing Protective Clothing.”

Lisa I bought Secrets of The great Jock Mind 9 months ago. 

I’ve had two crucial learning moments since then.

The first was to trust myself and the second was to keep an open mind.

The Great Jock Mind talks about “getting out of our own way” and “trusting your athletic self” to do the right thing.

That seemed like such a large and scary concept that I had a hard time getting my brain around what that might look like for me in a tennis match.

It finally dawned on me that it didn’t have to be such a “large” concept after all… that

I could practice it *one shot at a time*.

I found that if I could find the discipline to clear my mind, stay with my breath and literally open my eyes wider.

I saw/experienced the ball, the court, the opponents and the OPTIONS much more clearly.

By doing this work to give my Jock Mind all the info it needs to execute a shot, I have no time to get in my own way.

The trick then was to string these individual shots together to win the point and then string the points together to win the game…

But it MUST begin with one shot at a time.

It turns out, I HAVE the shots…

I just needed the mental discipline (to get out of my own way) to string them together. It was so much fun to see myself get better with practice!

AND I have used this technique to dig myself out of a hole.

I was disappointed with my performance having lost the first set, and now down in the second 0-3.

I said to myself, “If I am going to lose, let me at least practice something useful. How about take the next 50 shots one at a time. Every time the ball crosses the net, it is my joyful opportunity to take my shot.”

I felt a huge burden lift from my shoulders and wouldn’t you know— I came back to win 7-5 in the second, and my surprised opponent FELL APART to lose 4-6 in the third. I turned it around one shot at a time.

The other significant learning moment came as I realized that in my little world, my serious goals for my sport were legitimate.

No I wasn’t ever going to be a pro, but I could work to be at the top of the singles ladder at our club, win a couple local tournaments— maybe even get ranked in California for my age group.

As I listen to Lisa’s audios— my plans and my actions don’t seem silly at all—and what a shame it would be if I set limits for myself.

I also don’t want to over-obsess on attaining a crazy level of perfection — so I am working to keep an open mind.

I want to be the best athlete I can be for who I am right now… with a clear mind, educated intent and love of the sport.

I am chock full of tennis-joy!

Gigi McMillan

(I’m the one wearing the visor)

P. S. Thank you for including the rights to share your program. I have forwarded the entire set to my tennis team. I can tell who is reading and listening by the way their game is changing! GREAT to be able to share this with people who want and need it.

Unleash Your Great Jock Mind Using Visualization

Inside your Great Jock Mind there are mental images (a little TV screen in your brain, if you will) that shows you a fraction of a second in advance what is about to happen and what you need to do. That’s why it’s the skill of visualization that allows you to react and react instantly in competition.

Visualization has often been called the MASTER skill of success. Yet while virtually every athlete has heard about visualization, only 1 in 1000 ever harnesses its true power.


Oh sure, most athletes TRY visualization at some point. Some of them even use it regularly. But only a precious few ever harness it to create breakthrough confidence… to create a winning self-image… to transform their skills from good to great…and to stay composed under stressful circumstances.

That is…until someone who KNOWS lets you in on how to do it properly.

This is NOT just about closing your eyes visualizing winning. It’s much deeper than that.

It’s about developing your athletic sixth sense – the organic instinct that governs your Great Jock Mind of thinking without thinking in big competitions like superstar athletes.

The outcome: You are finally going to nail big events like a pro, superstar athlete. No matter how intimidating the competition, how formidable your opponent, or how much pressure there is on you.

First let me say that I have designed this program so that activating your Great Jock Mind is easy for you.

I did this because I find it annoying when people (including coaches) over-complicate their sport and convince themselves that playing it (and winning) is hard.

Sport – and winning – is only difficult if you are constantly getting in your body’s way.

…which is exactly what most athletes do. They over-think, over-analyze, and second-guess themselves.

Sport IS hard if you never activate and trust your Great Jock mind….yet these secrets are not widely available, because it’s not in any superstar’s best interest to share this information.

But if you are willing to get out of your own way, you can quickly improve your performance using Secrets of the Great Jock Mind.


Here’s Exactly How Secrets of the Great Jock Mind Works

There are two ways you can use this program.

If you’re an athlete, the program is laid out so simply that you can take yourself through the audio recordings on your own. Just in case you need help, though, we provide unlimited email support. Any time you have a question or need clarification, just shoot us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

If you’re a coach, just play these audio sessions for your athletes. The program is laid out so simply that if you can hit the Play button, you can play it for your athletes–no special background or skills are required. Any time your athletes have a question or need clarification, have them shoot us an email and we’ll get right back to them.

Audio Recording 1
Secrets of the Great Jock Mind – Introduction


Approximate length: 11 minutes. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording One:

What the Great Jock Mind really is (and is not). Few sport psychologists have experienced this phenomenon first hand…so they stay quiet about it. I’m pulling back, the curtain, however, so you understand its true power.

Why visualization is called the Master skill of top performers…and how it affects every element of your athletic performance.

How superstar athletes like Michael Jordan use visualization to rise to the very top of their sports.

Why visualization is critical to the development of your Great Jock Mind.

Audio Recording 2
How to Cure Overwhelming Performance Anxiety and Create Breakthrough Confidence


Approximate length: 29 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording Two:

How to master the intense performance anxiety that previously crippled your confidence under pressure and how to relax naturally in competition.

What most athletes are doing automatically to create massive nerves and anxiety before competing…avoiding this ONE error will obliterate any obstacle in your path.

How visualization can effortlessly and naturally release the proper Right Focus for you and create breakthrough

confidence…so that you can focus completely in the Now while competing…like a serene Buddha on a mountaintop.

How to swiftly and wisely remove performance blocks (including past errors) by entering a “learning state” that will banish your previous struggles…so you can enjoy your sport filled with confidence and power.

Audio Recording 3
How To Create A Winning Self-Image

Approximate length: 30 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording Three:

How a weak self-image sabotages your success as an athlete – and how with a few adjustments to your self-image…you can put colossal amounts of determination and focus into your competing Game Face.

How to explore and your current self-image as an athlete where you dig deep into your undiscovered self-image that is dictating your successes so you can uproot the weeds of failure, inadequacy, and fear.

Discover the key relationship you need in your athletic life to construct a powerful, unstoppable, winning self-image so you grow and bloom with a fresh, inspired confidence.


How to build a powerful win-win abundance mentality filled with images of success and achievement. As you look around you, you’ll see how natural and normal it is for you to achieve your deepest desires in sport.

You will start to envision a more self-confident you…a ‘you’ that is not restricted by past disappointments, losses, or traumas…a ‘you’ that can burst through any barrier to peak performance.

Audio Recording 4
How To Transform Your Skills From Good to Great

Approximate length: 27 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording Four:

How athletes actually transform their skills in sport, including why so few athletes ever improve more than 5% per year…understanding this one concept will help you naturally begin to manifest the athletic genius that is your birthright.

How to break free of the tedious chains of mental programming about practicing and training…previous burdensome routines will now will feel as light as a feather.


How you can now begin to pursue greater and more ambitious goals because you have liberated yourself of the mindset 97% of athletes possess when setting goals…your mind will create such exciting visions for your future that your brain will suck up any obstacle as easily as an anteater in an ant farm.

How to lock in your brand new greatness mindset and create higher and higher levels of motivation, self-trust, and faith.

Audio Recording 5
How To Overcome Adversity & Distractions 
and Stay Composed in Competition

Approximate length: 30 minutes, including the PDF handout and a visualization sequence. Here’s what we’ll cover in Audio Recording Five:

The little-known breakthrough discovery in psychology that, for the first time ever, revealed the reason why certain events become poisonous distractions for you in competition…you will uncover the root cause of failure and fear that has kept you chained to mediocre performance.


A simple, three step antidote that banishes the mental storm clouds that distractions create in your mind by gently removing them…allowing you to focus on the task at hand with laser-like precision and power.

Why most athletes NEVER harness the power of frustration (even when it is staring right at them)…you will learn how to use frustration to inspire an intense determination and competitiveness so powerful you can ride it to the thrill of victory.

How you can attain permanent freedom from stressors and distractions so that composure under the fire of competition is as effortless for you as blinking.

Secrets of the Great Jock Mind BONUS Gifts

Bonus Gift #1

Bonus Audio Recording: How to Get Over a Devastating Loss and Re-Kindle Your Motivation.

Lisa Brown

Retail value: $19.95

Why a devastating loss has the potential to cripple your confidence and cause you to choke.

How to easily release its negative impact on your self-image and psyche water smoothing over tracks on a sandy beach.

How to create genuine wisdom and insight from a loss so you can heal its potentially harmful effects instantly so your self-image and confidence emerge refreshed and resilient.

The simple 2 step process for achieving genuine will dramatically boost your self-esteem and create lasting appreciation for your athletic self.

Bonus Gift #2

The New, Updated and Revised Version of The Courage to Win® in Sport Ebook 

Retail value: $27.00

The New, Updated and Revised Version of The Courage to Win® in Sport Ebook

The Courage to Win® in Sport Ebook reveals the Amazing Mental Toughness Secrets Hoarded By Superstar Athletes.

…These Secrets Give You Unshakable Confidence, Eliminate Choking, and Infuse You with The Courage to Win® in Just Three Hours.

You will learn how to stop killing your own will to win by discovering your innate ability to supercharge yourself with breakthrough confidence during big competitions, giving you the kind of “unfair” mental toughness advantage over your competitors you’ve only fantasized about until now.

Bonus Gift #3

Unlimited Email Support from Shawnee Harle, Certified Courage to Win® Coach

Retail value: $149

Shawnee Harle Courage to Win® Coach

As your ultimate inspiration, you’ll be able to email Shawnee Harle with questions. She will give you coaching, suggestions, and individual help.

Enter your text here...Having a Courage to Win® coach support you or your athletes through the process can make the world of difference. Whenever you have a question or issue you cannot solve on you own, you can consult with Shawnee via email immediately.

As soon as you order, you’ll have instant access to these recordings and be downloading the files yourself from our secure page in just a few moments, so there will be no wait time. The recordings are in MP3 format and the handouts are in PDF format, which are compatible with all computers. You can even download the recording to your ipod or iphone for instant access anywhere in the world!

Secrets of the Great Jock Mind Re-Cap

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order The Secret Of The Great Jock Mind Today!

  • 5 Secret of the Jock Mind Audio Recording
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  • BONUS GIFT 1: Bonus Audio Recording: How to Get Over a Devastating Loss and Re-Kindle Your Motivation.
  • ($19.95 Value)
  • BONUS GIFT 2: The New, Updated and Revised Version of The Courage to Win® in Sport Ebook 
  • ($27.00 Value)
  • BONUS GIFT 3: Unlimited Email Support from Shawnee Harle, Certified Courage to Win® Coach
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Total Value: $292.95

Sign Up Today For A Special Price of


As soon as you order, you’ll have instant access to these recordings and be downloading the files yourself from our secure page in just a few moments, so there will be no wait time. The recordings are in MP3 format and the handouts are in PDF format, which are compatible with all computers. You can even download the recording to your ipod or iphone for instant access anywhere in the world!

12 Month “No Hassles or Aggravation” Guarantee

The special fee my new program, which includes Bonus Gifts worth $273.00, is just $97 $67. You don’t risk a penny of your $67, however. Take a full year to decide if you like what I’m teaching. If you don’t agree — and you never have to give a reason why — just call us and we’ll refund your money instantly.

We treat you the way I wish other businesses treated me: With total respect and the attitude that “the customer is ALWAYS right.” No matter what.

There’s just one small “catch”, however. You must order right away. We are
only offering this pre-launch special price of $67 for the next 14 days.

Too many athletes out there are just convinced that sports – and winning HAS to be difficult. And nothing we say will ever convince them. And it’s perfectly Ok with me if you to believe that nonsense. It’s your time and your sport.


That’s why I’ve made such an irresistible offer, though. You risk nothing. You can take a full year to decide.

However, after 14 days, the offer is gone. So you need to hurry.

Lisa Brown
Lisa Lane Brown

Lisa Lane Brown, M.A. Author, The Courage to Win®

Lisa Brown is the founder of the Courage to Win and is considered the world's leading expert on deep mental toughness for success in career, love, and sport. She has personally coached over 7,200 achievers to new heights and conducted over 1,300 live seminars on mental toughness across North America. She has been featured by major media including the New York Times and Entrepreneur Magazine, who called the Courage to Win “a straight-forward guide to success, highly recommended.”

Customer Reviews

“That Lady Is Good” He Said

I’m a track coach and two of my athletes (a male sprinter and female hurdler) have underperformed all season.

I have coached these athletes for years. I know what they are capable of!

Both have medaled at Provincial high school championships,

— and the male is a club champion in the 200 m.

Both athletes train well, but they have not been competing to their potential, losing out on medals.

My female hurdler recently lost the finals in her best event, the 400 m hurdles, entirely.

My male sprinter has just lacked a killer instinct during the important final phase of his specialty, the 200 m.

He has even, on several occasions, appeared to concede a second placing for a third — right at the finish line.

Heading into a provincial championships this past weekend, I was thrilled to read of your very generous great jock mind launch price.

I bought the package on July 14 and immediately sent the link to both of the athletes.

I don’t how many of the audios they listened to, but they told me that they did listen.

The result?

My female hurdler won her intermediate hurdles race by a good 15 m to 20 m.

Had she not faced a stiff headwind she probably would have had a personal best!

Happily, my male sprinter read and listened to the audio recounting Michael Johnson’s experience of being in lane eight.

Because of an administrative error, my sprinter did NOT get his proper lane assignment.

He ended up with lane eight (the worst lane) in the 200 m! This was very bad news indeed.

I spent a moment with him before his race and he said, “You have to work with the hand you are dealt.”

He turned a disadvantage to advantage!

He ran the race of his season, moving blind around the curve into a headwind (that narrowly denied him a personal best), finishing second, beating the friend who’d stolen the previous two races from him.

Not a person of many words, he perfectly summed up my feelings about your work Lisa: “That lady is good.”

Thanks for Secrets of the Great Jock Mind.

Howard Brandt
Track and Field Coach
Hope, British Columbia

Winning is What Secret of the Great Jock Mind is All About

In fact, the Great Jock Mind package is SO effective that the reaction from brand new users to these life changing programs is both encouraging and humbling

Great Jock Mind WILL Reshape Your Mindset and Help You Win!

But don't just take my word for it. 

Living Proof

corey cowper

Lisa, you won't believe the impact "The Courage to Win®" had on my Junior Varsity Boys High School Volleyball team (gr 10-11).

It seemed whenever the team was in a playoff, they just could not win. For 2 full months we worked at skills and techniques to get over that hump of not being able to win the big games.

Nothing seemed to work. Here in front of me was an offer to purchase an Ebook, the exercises take only 7 days. I will be honest, I was very skeptical, but it was local to Calgary and I really did not have anything to lose, except the cost of the book! I purchased the book. In 5 minutes I walked through the visualization with them, breaking down the skill to very simple components having them see themselves performing the skill through their own eyes.

In a matter of 3 weeks the team went from not being able to win when it counts to losing not being an option, and our focus the entire time was never the win, but rather playing OUR style of game. I can't say enough about how this program has positively impacted my approach to coaching.


Have you ever heard the adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Well, I was broke and I knew it. I knew Lisa was the person who could help me identify the root of my downward spiral. Lisa helped me "cut to the chase" and identify those things that were holding me back from attaining the mental edge I needed. Together we created a mental plan of attack that allowed me to stay empowered regardless of the circumstances.

Lori Sippel
Cal Wigston

This past March we made it to the gold medal match knocking off the previous OUA champs in 5 sets. Thanks to your candor, honesty, insight and adviceI was prepared to coach the many different personality styles my players had and be successful. You helped me understand myself this year and what I needed to do. I am way more confident in my coaching ability - thanks so much for everything you did to help me prepare for this year.


Lisa's mental toughness online program made me a 2 time World Champion. I was ready to conquer every possible distraction in international competition. I played my best, even in the most high pressure moments.

Laura Wanner

So, now it's YOUR turn. Are you ready get started?

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