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Dear Achiever,

I believe so much in this program that I’m willing to let you pull back the curtain and spend 2 whole weeks test-driving the Courage to Win® Live Your Dreams Program for only $1. If you like it, do nothing and your investment will only be $29/month and you can cancel at any time so there is no risk.

This is your chance to experience the power of my Live Your Dreams Program first hand without risking anything at all.

After more than 19 years of research and applied work with over 7,249 clients, I know how powerful this program is. And the proof is in the pudding, because I’ve seen it change lives again and again.

What are you waiting for? Find out for yourself today for only $1.


Using the Proven Courage to Win® Formula for Success and Abundance, You Can Create Wealth, Attract Passionate Love, and Turbo-Charge Your Career or Business in Just 60 Days - GUARANTEED

Even If You Have No Money, No Connections, or No Clue Where To Go From Here

Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win and Live My Dreams Today

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NEW! Lisa Lane Brown's
Live Your Dreams Program

The Courage to Win® formula formula for success and abundance has been researched, tested, and proven with over 7,249 people and will allow you to:

Create Wealth. You will grow your income, develop great money habits, accrue massive wealth. Finally, the thrill of financial independence will be yours.

Attract Passionate Love. You will become irresistible in relationships. Your spouse, friends and family will be hopelessly devoted to you. They will shower you with love, respect, and passion. Never again will you be held hostage to the fear of rejection or approval.

Turbo-charge Your Career or Business. You will go inside and discover your life’s purpose, including how to motivate yourself towards success on a daily basis. Driven by a destiny that unleashes your true greatness, you will attract untold career and business opportunities.

Win Friends and Influence People. Bosses, colleagues, and clients will hang off your every word and rush to implement your ideas. People will love your personal brand so much that you will be able to get any promotion you want or quickly shift your business into high growth mode.

Be A Person of Action. Motivating yourself to take action on your goals will be as easy as breathing because of the new, unstoppable foundation of courage imbedded inside you.

Have Unstoppable Self-Confidence. You will overcome self-doubt, stand up for yourself, and speak with people in a self-assured way. You will become a dynamic risk-taker who challenges his or her comfort zone with ease.

Best of all, after years of frustration, you will have complete trust in your ability to live your dreams. No more waiting and wondering if success is ever going to happen for you. You will have a deep inner peace because you realize that everything you do eventually leads to the abundance you deserve.

Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win and Live My Dreams Today

Dear Friend,

If you would like to discover how you can go from being stuck in a rut to living your biggest dream in just 60 days, then this is the most fascinating message you will ever come across.

And yes, I realize this is an unbelievably huge claim in a world filled with hype.

Yet the concept I will teach you today is responsible for one of the single most powerful breakthroughs in human achievement in the 20th century, as well as hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of success stories worldwide.

For the better part of two decades now I’ve coached over 7,249 clients in North America, including Olympic athletes, executives, business owners, and everyday people on how to achieve success and live their dreams.

Over the years I realized that most of us have no idea how to motivate ourselves to work on their goals. And even when we DO take action, we often don’t get the results we should. It’s like you’re driving a car with the emergency brake on. No matter how much you study or how hard you work, you don’t get the results you should. You’re pressing on the gas with all your might, yet making very little progress.

You look around and see other people succeeding who don’t have a fraction of your talent, skills, or character. You think, “What gives? What on earth is going on?”

What’s going on is that we all have inner blocks that interfere with our success – blocks such as self-doubt, pessimism, negative beliefs, fear of failure or rejection, low confidence, procrastination, poor self-discipline, anxiety, and depression.

These blocks to success are rampant in our society. Take money, for example. According to author Robert T. Kiyosaki, by age 65, per 100 people:

  • 1 was wealthy
  • 4 were well off
  • 5 were still working because they had to
  • 54 were living on family or government support
  • 36 were dead*

Not very encouraging, is it? And it turns out that we are equally blocked in career and love. According to, more than 65% of people confessed to “looking for more satisfying work,” even during a recession.  And, 37% of couples will divorce by year 30 according to statistical divorce rates in Canada.

What Does This Tell You About Your Own Realistic Chances For Success This Year?

A lot.

It tells you that unless you wipe out your inner blocks to success now, this year is going to be a lot like last year.

Of course the tricky part about removing inner blocks is that for the most part, they are unconscious, meaning we are not aware of them. We like to think of ourselves as intelligent human beings making conscious decisions that dictate our lives but the truth is most of our decisions and results are determined by our unconscious emotions and beliefs.

Think about this for a moment. If you are overweight, was it a conscious decision to gain weight? Did you make a choice to get into debt? Did you decide to have your business or career stall out? Did you choose to have a passionless marriage? No. Like the rest of us, you fell into a prison – a prison of the mind...all because of an inner block to success that someone else programmed into you.

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t imply that we are not accountable for our results. We are. I am merely pointing out that we don’t consciously choose to be BLOCKED to success and abundance.


Why Most Self-Help Does NOT Work

There’s a very common myth in self-help about removing these inner blocks to success. It goes like this: “To remove a success block, all you need to do is change your negative beliefs to positive ones.” So if you think that you are a loser with money, then what you’re supposed to do is use a technique like positive thinking or visualization or hypnosis to convince yourself that you are a winner with money...and presto, success will follow.

Now, I’m going to be direct with you here.

Yes, changing your beliefs is very, very important. But if you try reach a goal without first mastering the correct skills you need to win, or without the confidence you need to win, or without the motivation and self-discipline you need to win, success is not going to follow. You’re going to follow success, which means for the rest of your life you’ll have to follow other people’s dreams rather than living your own.

How To REALLY Remove Your Inner Blocks to Success
and Live Your Dreams Today

If you’re serious about living your dreams this year, you must remove your inner blocks to success by doing three key things:

1.Figure out the CORRECT skills you must master to achieve your goal.

The truth is that most people get this first step wrong, and it de-rails them from the start. They are taking action, but it’s the wrong action, and so they never get any real momentum on their goal.

For example, statistics show that 85% of businesses fail. Usually it’s because the business owner does not have the skill of attracting enough customers. This is usually a product of the fact that the business owner is trying to sell something that has no market or a really small market. Nobody wants what they are selling badly enough. And therefore, the business owner has no hope of achieving success, because she did not master the first correct skill of business: how to attract a customer.

Another example...I get calls all the time from people who are upset because someone they are attracted to is no longer attracted to them. More often than not, this is because in the relationship they acted as though they were worth less (less valuable) than the other person. They don’t have the skill of communicating how valuable they are in a relationship and therefore cannot trigger attraction properly.

But, to reach your goal, it’s not enough to master the CORRECT skills...

2.You must apply these skills CONSISTENTLY.

A lot of people actually do get started on their goals. They decide to start a business, or learn a language, or go on a diet, or– and they really DO get going.

The problem is that they don’t keep up the momentum. They don’t take action consistently. When they run into setbacks, they get discouraged and don’t persist long enough to win. Of course, this will never work. You can’t win a tennis match by winning one can’t run a successful business with just a few profitable months...and you can’t get a promotion by finishing one good project every year.

To succeed and live your dreams, you must know how to motivate and discipline yourself to act consistently...and you don’t want to get too far behind. Remember what Warren Buffet said about the chains of habit. He said, “You don’t feel the chains of habit because they are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

But it’s not enough to take the CORRECT action CONSISTENTLY. There is still one final of the puzzle...

3. You must act with CONFIDENCE.

Most people experience low confidence at some point in their lives. As a simple example, in a recent study, 7 out of 10 girls reported feeling “not good enough” in some way.

Confidence is important because it is the inner state that causes success to come running into your arms. Imagine you take two salespeople and teach them mastery of the exact same sales techniques. You give them similar accounts to call on, and you have them dress for success. Both call the same number of clients a day, ask the same questions, and use the exact same phrases.

Yet their sales results will not be the same. One of them will walk away with the sale, while the other will be shown the door. The confident person will win; the person who lacks confidence will not.

These are the three C’s to success: Correct, Consistent, Confident action. No matter what your dream is, if you take action using the three C’s, you will materialize it. But if you don’t use the three C’s, you don’t stand a real chance of living your dreams.

How do you get yourself to take congruent, consistent, confident action on your goals?

You do it by gaining the intangible of mental toughness factor.

Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win and Live My Dreams Today

The Intangible Mental Toughness Factor Hardly Anybody Comprehends

If you isolate ONE THING about high achievers—the one thing that has put them at the peak of success above anything and everything else–it is their inner game of courage.

I’m not talking about traditional ‘save a child from a burning building’ courage. I’m talking about the Courage to Win®: the power to take correct, consistent, confident action on your dreams despite fear, rejection, failure or intimidation. The courage to win is what gives you the ability stay in control and triumph when facing setbacks, loss, disappointment, and challenges.

Those who possess this precious mental toughness factor know how to start from ground zero and build a lifetime of joy, fulfillment and true greatness against all odds.

This is where I come in.

I want to talk to you about something truly exciting.

Imagine you set a goal to double your income. But, you’re still pretty skeptical. Then, you notice are waking up excited every day. To your surprise, you’re visualizing your goal every morning, noon, and night without any effort at all...then one morning you wake up earlier than’ve suddenly had the perfect idea for doubling your income. Your idea is so obvious that you can’t believe you didn’t think of it earlier!

The best part? Your goal is completely in sync with your true purpose in life.

Yes, you will need to do some work, but your goal does NOT involve tasks you despise or rob you of all your time.

The very next day, you put your plan into action. Unlike before, taking action is easy, because you are not conflicted about your goal at all. You do not have blocks to taking action, and doing it consistently, even when it is challenging. And when you face a setback, you stop...pinpoint your bottleneck...formulate a focused solution...and go forward again with breakthrough confidence.

Plus, people are treating you differently. They are conspiring to help you. Because you are expressing your true calling, you are oozing positive energy and charisma. Before you know it, the money starts rolling in...and even stuff you dreaded in past, like paying bills, has never been so easy!

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, because of the Live Your Dreams Program I have put together, it is no longer a fantasy – it’s actually a real dream come true.

NEW! Lisa Lane Brown's
Live Your Dreams Program

Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win and Live My Dreams Today

Living Your Dreams Is Not Rocket Science... Anyone Can Do it... "It's So Simple, It's Embarrassing!"

The reason I was able to create this foolproof program is because I have researched, developed and tested a proven Courage to Win® mental toughness formula in 1 on 1 applied work with 7,249 people. This is the exact formula you will discover and internalize in the Live Your Dreams Program.

The Courage to Win® mental toughness formula for success and abundance is a simple, easy-to-use formula that anyone can learn and apply to any goal – whether you want to create wealth, attract passionate love, land your dream job or business, or simply get fit.

The formula was pioneered when I successfully transformed myself as an athlete from good to world class and scored the winning goals in the dying seconds of three World Championships. I subsequently used it to help other Olympic and National Team athletes rise to the top of their sports. After that, I used it with executives, business owners, and everyday people wanting to reach their goals and transform their lives.

By imbedding the intangible mental toughness factor deep inside you, the Courage to Win® mental toughness formula will program you to take congruent, consistent, confident action so you can attract wealth, create passionate love, and live your purpose within 60 days.

How Will Gaining The Live Your Dreams Change Your Life?

The main difference is that you’ll be completely in charge and empowered, living life on your own terms. As you fulfill your aspirations in money, love, and career with unprecedented speed, you’ll experience the joy that comes with achieving true greatness and living your dreams.

One thing is for sure: when you gain the Courage to Win®, you will finally experience an inner peace and happiness, because you’ve finally attained genuine self-mastery, perhaps for the very first time.

7 Results You’ll Get From Using
The World’s First Proven Courage to Win® Formula for Success and Abundance in Live Your Dreams

If you are willing to try the Courage to Win® formula for success, abundance, and peak performance that has been researched, tested, and proven with over 7,249 people 1 on 1 to help them achieve their dreams, you’ll be privy to the following benefits:

Create Wealth. You will grow your income, develop great money habits, accrue massive wealth. Finally, the thrill of financial independence will be yours.

Attract Passionate Love. You will become irresistible in relationships. Your spouse, friends and family will be hopelessly devoted to you. They will shower you with love, respect, and passion. Never again will you be held hostage to the fear of rejection or approval.

Turbo-charge Your Career or Business. You will go inside and discover your life’s purpose, including how to motivate yourself towards success on a daily basis.  Driven by a destiny that unleashes your true greatness, you will attract untold career and business opportunities.

Win Friends and Influence People. Bosses, colleagues, and clients will hang off your every word and rush to implement your ideas. People will love your personal brand so much that you will be able to get any promotion you want or quickly shift your business into high growth mode.

Be A Person of Action. Motivating yourself to take action on your goals will be as easy as breathing because of the new, unstoppable foundation of courage imbedded inside you.

Have Unstoppable Self-Confidence. You will overcome self-doubt, stand up for yourself, and speak with people in a self-assured way. You will become a dynamic risk-taker who challenges his or her comfort zone with ease.

Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win and Live My Dreams Today

The Live Your Dreams Special Offer Includes

Everything you need to Live Your Dreams this year, including access to exclusive video training, mental toughness training audios, and VIP support to give you the following:

  • Video, audio, and written training to identify and master the CORRECT skills for with winning in your goal, whether you want to win in money, career or business, love, or fitness.
  • Daily audio sessions using advanced, cutting edge techniques from research in psychology and neuroscience that will re-wire your beliefs and thought patterns so you can motivate and discipline to take action on your goals CONSISTENTLY.
  • Mental toughness training exercises that re-script your beliefs systems, perceptions, and cognitions to overcome your doubts and fears. These will give you the courage, resilience, persistence and best of all, the unstoppable CONFIDENCE you need to lift yourself to success and abundance.

Here Is The Mental Toughness Training You Will Do In Live Your Dreams

Each level of Live Your Dreams has been designed so you can program yourself to apply the CORRECT skills CONSISTENTLY and with CONFIDENCE to your dream, whether it is in money, love, or career/business.

Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win and Live My Dreams Today

Level 01
Week 1

The Courage to Win® in Money
Money Mastery

In Level 1, you learn the CORRECT skill for managing the money you do have, and then how to apply this skill confidently and consistently.

More Money Now! How to put 25% more money in your pocket using excellent money habits in the next 60 days without raising your income by one cent (no matter what you do for a living).

The Power of Self-Acceptance. Experience the inner workings of self-acceptance that explodes your money confidence and makes your wealth soar by destroying the self-rejection that was keeping you paralyzed and weak financially.

Design Your Financial Destiny. You will re-train your mind in the ‘millionaire mindset’ that makes attracting money as easy as a magnet attracts steel. The more you internalize this mindset, the easier it becomes to bring more wealth into your life because you manage it with mastery.

The Paradigm of the New Rich. How to free yourself of the dead end programming that keeps you working 50+ hours per week at a job you hate. Embrace this mindset of the New Rich so you can enjoy the lifestyle that you dream of now without guilt.

Level 02
Week 2

The Courage to Win® in Money
Wealth Creation 3.0

Skyrocket Your Earning Power. Discover the foolproof three step process for doubling or even tripling your income in the next twelve months, whether it means getting a raise, landing a promotion, or shifting your business into high growth mode.

Income Boosters. You will discover the three “little BIG tricks” that will bring your skills into the top 3% of the population and how to match these skills to high-paying roles use them or shift your business into high growth mode. Ultimately what people pay for are skills, not talent or knowledge, and you’ll discover how to match your skills to the biggest opportunities in your path.

What’s Stopping You? Uncover your limiting fears and beliefs with money and zero in on how and they have been keeping you trapped in an existence far below your potential.

Banish Self-Doubt Now. Daily mental toughness training will banish the tyranny of fear and self-doubt holding you hostage. Stop punishing yourself by ‘failing’ and claim the success and riches you deserve.

The Aladdin Factor. How to recognize your hidden strengths, talents, and genius and match them up to the biggest opportunities in the economy today to get paid handsomely now.

Level 03
Week 3

The Courage to Win® in Money
Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

What The Rich Invest In That The Middle Class Do Not. The golden, little-known investment strategy the wealthy use to easily and painlessly create wealth and guaranteed your future.

From Fear to Financial Freedom. You will fashion courageous, confident, mentally tough beliefs and mindsets about money that reflect your highest self. As you survey your future, you will see your deepest aspirations and desires come alive like a sunny day, with bright light and astonishing power...a future free of rainclouds and storms, bursting with hope and confidence.

Breakthrough Confidence with Money. Shatter and dissolve the money worries and stresses that had an iron grip on your life and replace them with breakthrough confidence that propels you forward with the power of a runaway locomotive.

Level 04
Week 4

The Courage to Win® in Love
How To Spark Attraction in Anyone

The Pavlovian Attraction Principle. You know the experiment: the dog is programmed to associate a bell with food, so whenever a bell rings he comes running. Well, unknown to you, the person you want has been PROGRAMMED WITH DEEPLY IMBEDDED COMMANDS HE IS HELPLESS TO IGNORE. All you need do is match up your communications to trigger those commands (it’s easy)…and your “dream boat” will be attracted to you like a magnet.

How to Ooze Charisma. You will learn exciting new ways of communicating that will cause the object of your affection to desperately need a relationship with you.

The Confidence Code for Love. Confidence is universally attractive (think James Bond). You will discover how to become be self-reliant in relationships, no longer held hostage by the fear of rejection. This will make the person you want automatically ignore all others and chase you instead.

Level 05
Week 5

The Courage to Win® in Love
From Insecure to Irresistible in Relationships

The Irresistible Mindset. This is potent strategy will take you from insecure to positively irresistible. Hundreds of Lisa’s clients have won back their ex-spouses using this same strategy. If you fully understand it, this method will dramatically improve every relationship you have by allowing you to:

  • Quickly and profoundly enhance your self-esteem in relationships
  • Realize your inherent lovability and attract passionate love
  • Stay secure and resilient when you are criticized
  • Become be self-reliant in relationships, no longer held hostage by the fear of rejection

Armed with this powerful mindset, you will finally eliminate your fear of rejection and develop unshakable confidence in relationships, perhaps for the very first time.

Level 06
Week 6

The Courage to Win® in Love
How To Create Enduring, Passionate Love

The Five Relationship Breakthroughs. You will be privy to the five relationship breakthroughs that will remove the heartaches, problems, and conflicts that most couples endure year after year. These stunning breakthrough secrets will transform your relationship from troubled to terrific in just days.

“The Pursuit Dynamic”
– How to control the secret dynamic that governs attraction between two people. If you grasp this dynamic, your relationships will flourish. If you don’t, many of your relationships will die a quick and painful death…or limp along in painful apathy.

The Suffocation Syndrome. Do you suffocate people emotionally? Do they suffocate you? Here, now, you will change your attitude about how to resolve this awkward dance. Instead, you can invoke one strategic move that will engineer a natural, easy relationship where you are truly cherished.

Rekindle the Passion! There is one special phenomenon you need to properly grasp to permanently set your relationship up for sustainable passion and admiration – you will discover the precise actions.

Level 07
Week 7

The Courage to Win® in Career and Business
Step into Greatness by Living Your Purpose

Greatness: The Starting Point of High Achievement. Why setting goals is NOT the first thing to do when you are stalled out or procrastinating... make this one simple change and your goals will fall into place.

Live Your Purpose. What makes your heart sing? You will 'go inside' and uncover who you really are, including what makes you passionate on a daily basis. You will create a vision that reflects your authentic self, tap into a natural desire for self-expression, and channel this desire into red hot motivation so powerful it revs you up like a jet engine.

Find The Big Goal (even if there doesn’t seem to be one right now). This is an extremely sensitive and critical part of living your dreams. If the Big Goal you're pursuing right now doesn't fill you with excitement, you're already at a profound disadvantage. Learn to FOCUS on the high leverage goal that will bring you success.

Level 08
Week 8

The Courage to Win® in Career and Business
How To Win Friends and Influence People

How did Nelson Mandela dismantle the legacy of apartheid and lay the foundation for democracy to South Africa? How did Mother Teresa, a poor nun, build homes for orphans and nurse thousands of sick people? How did Mahatma Gandhi lead India to independence?

They became masters of influence. Influence is life’s most powerful skill because it allows you to take charge of your life rather than following the will of others. It also wipes out the fear of rejection and failure utterly, because you can get people to ‘Yes’ with amazing speed.

Successfully Selling Yourself. Want to move up? You will learn how to banish the fear of rejection and open doors and opportunities for yourself with astonishing ease, whether you want to snag that promotion or shift your business into high growth mode.

How to Say ‘No’ Without Arousing Hostility. One of the single biggest challenges you face is lack of focus, because there are an infinite number of ‘time vampires’ out there trying to suck your time and energy. Using Lisa’s simple 4 step formula, you can say No to anyone without arousing hostility.

What to Say Under the Fire of Criticism. It is easy to neutralize anyone who is criticizing you, even an office bully. You’ll be surprised how effortless it is to respond to criticism with mental toughness once you learn this foolproof, time-tested method.

No More Selling Yourself Short! You will also eliminate your tendency to interfere with doubt and criticize yourself, sell yourself short, second-guess your ideas, stress over possible failure, exhaust yourself by people pleasing and perfectionism, and endure intense performance anxiety.

Level 09
Week 9

The Courage to Win® in Career and Business
Do Less, Achieve More

The Practice of Commitment. How to develop excellent, high-productivity work habits that will automatically and effortlessly forge you a life of greatness – without will power or exertion.

How to Stop Procrastinating. How to stop procrastinating and become intensely action-oriented, able to produce extraordinary results in record time.

The MAGIC Trade Secret of Pro Leaders. You’ll learn two killer methods for delegating. These methods will allow you to skillfully negotiate projects, deadlines, and performance reviews. With these methods, you will ethically gain the respect of any team and dramatically increase your productivity.

Eat That Frog. The quick and easy way to multiply your results and effectiveness at work and home so you can start enjoying life now, not later....and no, it has nothing to do with traditional time management.

Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win and Live My Dreams Today

The Live Your Dreams Program will enrich the lives of everyone around you. The more full your cup is filled with success, happiness, and wealth, the easier it is for you to wipe out all the problems you see around you...the stress, the despair, the will literally be a savior to the people in your life.

That’s why I am so passionate about this program. I know that once fulfill your own dreams, you will use it to elevate the self-esteem and humanity of everyone around you.

The Live Your Dreams Program Format

The format of the Live Your Dreams Program is as follows:

This is a 60 day program that features nine weeks of exclusive video, audio, and written trainings inside the private Live Your Dreams website that I walk you through.

These are available 24 hours a day so you never have to worry about scheduling in a call. There is no need to hunt around trying to find the answers in a different module or section of the web site... we designed them to be completely self-contained.

Each module will be combination of video, audio, and written sessions that are immediately accessible right after you enroll. You can download them and/or listen to them or on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc) while you are driving, exercising, or doing other activities. It’s a powerful reference library that you are going to come back to over and over again. You can stream them online or download them so that you can have access to them whenever you like, forever.

No Time?
No Problem!

I’ve specifically engineered this program so all you need to do is spend 10-15 minutes a day on it (plus another 30 minutes while sleeping...and no, I’m not kidding). I realize that, if you’re like most people, time is your most precious commodity. My entire aim is to have you spending more time on what you love – living your dreams.

That’s why we’ve assembled the most powerful and cutting edge technologies from research in psychology and neuroscience to help you transform your skills and re-wire your habits, beliefs, and doubts in record time.

Does Mental Toughness Training with the Courage to Win
REALLY Work? Don't take my word for it.
Just look at what just a handful of my clients have said:

Rick-Grafton"I’m crazy at fifty – I’m loving the Courage to Win."

"I’m crazy at fifty – I’m loving the Courage to Win. I feel like a kid again.What I enjoy most is the inner confidence. It makes me appreciate who I am and how great life can be."

Rick Grafton
President Grafton Capital Corp

Darrell Ell"I discovered the motivation and fire within!"

"In Lisa's program, I learned exactly how to establish and work towards my current goals. I discovered how my 'inner game' and emotions impact my life. I know what I can control, what to focus on, and how to motivate myself.”

Darrell Ell,
General Manager, Lethbridge Curling Club

Heath Miller

"I was promoted to a senior management position!"

"I was in a rut that I couldn't get out of. I'd been in the same job for five years and felt stuck. After trying several strategies I finally tried Lisa's mental toughness training. Within 3 months I promoted to a senior management position at my company! The Courage to Win really works.”

Heath Miller
Head Administrator, Bethany Care Centre

Heath Miller

"A turning point that inspired me to significant action."

"Even after many years of study in the personal development arena, I found Lisa’s unique approach to coaching highlighted areas which had been holding me back and which were previously hidden from my view. I found her warm, wise approach -coupled with a “no beating about the bush” approach – incredibly helpful and a turning point in re-inspiring me into significant action.”

Sharon Roberts,
Fitness Studio Owner/Designer
United Kingdom

Shannon Miller

“The Courage to Win gives you the exact breakthroughs you need to stay confident and succeed.”

"Genuine confidence is an absolute necessity to reach your potential. The Courage to Win gives you the exact breakthroughs you need stay confident on a daily basis towards success."

Shannon Miller
Olympic Coach, Women's Hockey

Penny Donnan“I got control of my time and my life.”

"I got control of my time and my life. I feel like a winner! My struggle was time management. There was never enough time to do everything I had to do, let alone what I wanted to do. I felt swamped... miserable and confused. I am very impressed how quickly I started to see results. With Lisa, I learned how to work through the obstacles one by one. I feel energized and know what is truly important in my life. I know how to prioritize tasks and eliminate roadblocks. I feel like a winner! I'm a happier and more productive person."

Penny Donnan
Mortgage Associate, Jencor Mortgage Corp

Karen-Thirlwall“The program has tremendous insight and compassion.”

"My work with Courage to Win® has given me life-long skills for living a healthy, happy, successful life based on my dreams. The program has tremendous insight and compassion."

Karen Thirlwall

Loraine-Bon“Mental toughness propelled me to set some very high goals and achieve every one of them.”

"Mental toughness propelled me to set some very high goals and achieve every one of them. The approach to positive AND negative thoughts and emotions helped me move through the obstacles that were standing in the way of what I wanted."

Loraine Bon
Sales Consultant

Shawnee“I’m a better coach today.”

"Mental toughness has the athletes confront their Inner barriers and access their self-confidence. I’m a better coach today because I know how to look beyond the x’s and o’s of the game. I relate to my athletes better."

Shawnee Harle
Head Coach University of Calgary Basketball

Shelley-Rue“This course has been life changing for me.”

"I’ve learned that there are answers to my problems there are ways for me to be successful! This course has been life changing for me."

Shelly Rue
Nominations Analyst, Oil & Gas

charmaine“I am a more focused, driven, and prepared player.”

"I am a more focused, driven, and prepared player because of the Courage to Win®."

Charmaine Reid
Olympian, Badminton

Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win and Live My Dreams Today

Join The Live Your Dreams Program Today
And Collect The Following BONUS Gifts

Bonus Gift 1

Catapult Yourself To Breakthrough Confidence And Success
Home Study Program

Your foundation for success is your inner game.

The Ultimate Secret to Self-MasteryYour real power comes from your inner confidence and mental toughness. To create this rock-solid inner game, you use my complete guide to total mental toughness, "Catapult Yourself To Breakthrough Confidence And Success 30 Days" Home Study Program.

Imagine having a proven, step-by-step mental toughness formula for achieving the breakthrough confidence that gives you enduring relationships and massive career success. This formula was developed and tested with over 6,000 people in the last 14 years and unlocks the key to breakthrough confidence.

In this program, you get four private Courage to Win® Lessons Delivered to You Online Once a Week - This program is THE personal success manual of the 21st century.

You get Action Training Audio DVDs Featuring Lisa Lane Brown - An audio series that guides you step-by-step through your training and mental toughness action assignments.

You get Lisa's Weekly Coaching Answers to your Mental Toughness Action Assignments -- Access to the exact same behind-the-scenes coaching, advice, breakthrough insights Lisa has given to over 6,000 clients.

This 30 Day Home Study Program will provide you with the inner game foundation you need to handle stressful challenges. It is completely downloadable and you will be able to access in moments, with no wait time.

Retail Value: $297.00

Bonus Gift 2

How To Make Yourself Irresistible Audio Program

The Courage to WinOf course, when it comes to success, it's not what you know, but who you know. That's why you need some relationship fundamentals, which I give you in my "How To Make Yourself Irresistible" audio program. In this powerful program, you will learn:

Personal Relationships

  • How to turn around romantic rejection and re-connect with an ex-lover or spouse
  • The exact steps to rescuing a passionless marriage
  • How to handle family members who rebel and ignore your requests
  • A proven method for dealing with self-absorbed friends
  • Specific steps you must take if you discover your spouse has been unfaithful
  • How to gain more consideration, kindness, and listening from your spouse and children
  • A proven method for making your spouse more enthusiastic about housework, childcare and anything else he or she is resisting
  • How to stop your partner or spouse (or anyone else) from criticizing you

Work Relationships

  • Exactly how to get a moody boss or colleague to treat you with respect
  • How to prevent employees from taking advantage of you
  • The formula for neutralizing the office bully in meetings or other forums
  • How to get a domineering boss to listen to your ideas
  • A quick and easy way to turn around a complaining customer or boss
  • (and make him happy instantly)

All Relationships

  • The #1 relationship mistake and how it leads to you feeling rejected and unappreciated (it’s not what you think)
  • The source of all conflict in relationships
  • How to master the inner game of relationships, including your abandon

In addition to getting the audio program, we will include the never-before-released written transcript of this program. Both the audio program and the transcript are downloadable and immediately accessible upon enrolling in the Live Your Dreams Coaching Program.

Retail Value: $39.97

Bonus Gift 3

Goals! How To Get Everything You Want Faster Than
You Ever Thought Possible — Research Report
by Brian Tracy

Goals by Brian TracyAccording to Brian Tracy, "All successful people are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work everyday toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose."

In this Special Research Report, Brian will share the goal-setting process that allowed him to become a multi-millionaire and inspire hundreds of thousands of people to do the same.

Retail Value: $20.00

Bonus Gift 4

Discovering Your Talents — Research Report
by Brian Tracy

Discover Your Talents by Brian TracyIn this Special Research Report, Brian will explain how realizing the importance of focusing on your strengths and talents to succeed.

You will learn how to define your values, strengths and goals to establish total clarity about your future.

Retail Value: $19.00

Bonus Gift 5

As A Man Thinketh MP3 Audio Book
by James Allen

As A Man Thinketh by James AllenThis book is deemed partly responsible for the creation of the entire personal development industry.

Its simple yet powerful messages will instruct you on the power of the mind to create abundance, happiness, and inner peace. It is one of the foundational masterpieces that illuminates the law of attraction.

Retail Value: $12.95

Bonus Gift 6

Think And Grow Rich Book
by Napolean Hill

Think and Grow RichThis classic originated when Napoleon Hill dedicated 20 years of his life by studying and 500 of the most successful people at the time, including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnagie.

The result was a book called Think and Grow Rich, which went on to sell 20 million copies. As stated on the cover, "This book could be worth a million dollars to you."

Retail Value: $9.99

How Much Is The Live Your Dreams Program Going To Cost?

Nothing, if you consider it as an investment in your career, business, relationship, and financial success rather than an "expense".

In my view, an investment is something that gives you something back in return when you invest your money in it.

Investments are expected to pay off dividends and financial gains down the road. I consider your investment in my training program to be wise decision in planning for the future growth of your career, financial future, and evolution as a person.

This program has cost me literally millions to develop if you include all the years of study and training I've undertaken, not to mention all the mistakes I've  made in my own financial and business life while learning this transformation formula. And while I believe it's truly priceless, I want everyone to have access to it, which is why I'm allowing a few select individuals to rent, and not buy, the program today with our risk-free trial.

And I'm willing to back the program up with my...

guaranteeIf you know me, you know that I always attach a 12 month, iron-clad, "no hassle” results guarantee to my programs. If you are not happy with your results, you are welcome to receive your money back without hassle or aggravation in any way. The only thing I ask (which I'm sure you'll agree is completely fair) is that you test-drive the teachings first.

Second, while this is an nine week program, I understand that life is full of interruptions and complications...that's why you can access the Live Your Dreams Program Private Members Area for up to a full year after joining the program.

Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win and Live My Dreams Today

To your success,

Lisa Lane Brown, M.A.
Author, The Courage to Win

P.S. I've been creating success programs for over 19 years, and not to toot my own horn, but you will be ecstatic with this program.

I've helped thousands of people just like you take action on their personal dreams...from starting a business to making successful career becoming more getting getting on the podium in sport.

Seriously, I have it 'down'. Living your dreams and taking action on your goals is not rocket science... I've proven it over and over again and I'm going to prove it to you.

All you have to do is follow my simple step-by-step techniques... techniques I've tweaked, tested and refined over the last 19 years and I've successfully taught to thousands of people just like you.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us today at 403-261-2726...find out if Live Your Dreams is right for you.


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Then Just $29 Per Month

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PPS: Here are some common questions people ask:

  • Q.Lisa, I’m pretty busy. How much time will the Live Your Dreams Program take?

    A.About 2-3 hours per week. If you’re considering this training but are worried about your time, remember that most people watch between 30-40 hours of T.V. per week. You’re probably not doing that, but here’s the exciting part: by reducing your T.V. time by just a couple of hours each week, you are getting a coach who can help you unlock your potential and realize your deepest aspirations.

    Why do you think these Hollywood stars look so good? It’s because of their personal trainers, who show up every day and put them through grueling workouts.

    Even Oprah did not solve her weight problem on her own—she had a coach help her through the hard stuff every step of the way.

    It’s the same with me. I’m here to help you move through your procrastination or self-limiting behaviours, but you’ve got to take the first step and sign up for the training.

  • Q.Lisa, I don’t have an unlimited budget for self-improvement. Your training costs more than a cup of coffee. How can I be sure I’ll get my money’s worth?

    A.I don’t blame you for being skeptical or cost conscious. Lots of people are trying to sell worthless information to others by preying on their regret over past failures, which I personally detest. That’s why there are a few important things I want you to know about me.

    Without bragging, I have a very strong reputation for being an excellent coach with a tremendous command of mental toughness strategies. I have personally coached thousands of world class athletes, business people, and performing artists to new heights. I have conducted over 1,300 seminars on mental toughness across North America. I have my own electronic magazine with over 11,000 subscribers. I am interviewed by the media on subjects like performance enhancement. I am not going to damage my professional reputation by selling you a bad program.

    Most people who take this training are financially sponsored by their employers because it immediately improves their productivity, leadership skills, and energy levels. We can invoice your employer for your tuition fee if you wish.

  • Q. I already have a solid career making good money. Why should I bother with this training?

    A.That’s great and many people envy you. However, most people have at least ONE goal or aspiration they have been procrastinating on for years…it might be taking a special trip, learning a language, or getting buff. That’s why I’ve set up this program so you can Surprise Yourself.

    Now that you have your professional life handled, you have the luxury of taking on these special goals.

  • Q.What if I don’t like you? Can I get my money back?

    A.Definitely! In my business, word of mouth is everything. It doesn’t make sense to keep the money of an unhappy client. That’s as fair as I can make this — and better than what any other personal development consultant out there is offering.