Thank you! Here is the on demand web class for people fed up with traditional self-help...

"How To Be Confident, Calm, and Crushing It Through the COVID-19 Scare - and Beyond"

Brand new, FREE training class reveals the easy way to gain astonishing mental strength without expensive therapy or exhausting self-help exercises using the power of the Courage to Win (available for a limited time only)...

If My Loved Ones Got COVID-19, My Career or Business Was in the Toilet, and I Had No Money - and All I Had Was A Phone And A Computer...

This Is Exactly What I'd For the Next 30 Days  To Live My Dreams This Year and Beyond ...Even If My Loved Ones Got the COVID-19 Virus, If The Economy Fell Into a Recession, and If Life As We Know It Disappears.

I'm Starting Over...

Want to Join Me?

Exactly What We Are Doing to Live Our Dreams This Year, COVID-19 Be Damned

    • We’re Getting You Huge Doses of MENTAL TOUGHNESS Using the Courage to Win® Formula for Success and Abundance 3.0 so you have the confidence to know you will thrive despite the global scare (NEVER TAUGHT BEFORE)
    • We're helping you Create Healthy Habits to eliminate any health fear and anxiety (These habits will ensure that you and your loved ones have a formidable immune system.) You get access to the Breaking Free Protocol so forming these habits is easy and does not require discipline. 
    • We're helping you generate massive success in your Career or Business to ease your financial stress. (You will use your personal genius to create untold influence.) You will use our proprietary Genius GPS to determine your unique genius.
    • We’re Getting You an Incredible Influx of LOVE each day, increasing your mental strength no matter how much change comes your way. You will use the Magic Mirror Method to get the people you love to want to meet your needs.

How We Are Doing It

    • EVERY DAY, I'll send you an email with a short video and a set of instructions showing you exactly what to do to Live Your Dreams in today’s COVID-19 world. Read the email, watch the video, and follow the steps.
    • Once a week, I'll do a LIVE Q&A coaching session so I can help you when you need it.
    • You'll be added to a member's only Facebook group built solely for this coaching class so that you have assistance – and a partner to support you.

The Requirements

    • Internet access, phone, computer.
    • DESIRE: We will ABSOLUTELY run into success blocks. We'll probably have to adjust to ongoing challenges. You've got to accept this as the ebb and flow of life and use what you learn here to adapt to it.
    • BELIEF. You've got to believe that courage is a better way than what you are using now. If you don’t, we recommend you use your money for entertainment or doughnuts.


No experience is required.

Important Disclaimer:

This is real life.

Real life has real risks. And there are no guarantees.

This is not a "get success quick" or "get rick quick" program. Nothing worthwhile is ever super-easy or super-fast.

Despite that, the mental toughness practices for having the Courage to Win® in career, love, money I'm going to teach you can never be UN-LEARNED.

And mental toughness something that every human being on the planet needs, because it is the key to winning – whether it’s winning the war on COVID-19 or winning in career, love or money.

The skills you master here CANNOT be ripped away from you. You will have this foundation forever. This foundation is both evergreen and utterly unique. No one else can share with you the proprietary methods I am going to reveal for the first time.

Start date:

June 30, 2020

Registration Ends:

When the timer below hits 0.

The investment:

$100 USD. That's it.

This is an absurd offer and we both know it.

Live Your Dreams 1.0 was $697.00 alone. You are getting the 3.0 training plus everything else for just $100.

That's less than a couple of bags of chips at Subway.


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Disclaimer: Results will vary, and you should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Good luck!
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