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Underground Will to Win in Sports Secret Transforms Your
Skills From Good to Great, Balloons Your Confidence, and
Skyrockets Your Performances and Wins Today

Using the secret pursuit of excellent technique hoarded by champions, you will transform your skills from good to great, finally gaining the will to win to become the champion athlete you’ve always had the capability to be.

You will deliver astonishing, stellar all-star performances…win championships …command all the playing time you want…be given all-star and MVP awards…and get recruited to the exact premier teams, leagues, or scholarships you want.

Coaches, fans, and fellow athletes will have the utmost respect for you and pursue you relentlessly.

Best of all, you will permanently alter how you approach to competition. Instead of hoping to win, you will finally experience and express your true greatness, perhaps for the very first time.

Dear Friend,

There is an underground Will to Win method so powerful (and simple) that once you discover it, you’ll never go back your old way of competing in sport.

Today you will learn exactly how to let loose your true greatness. You will transform your skills from good to great, balloon your confidence, and deliver all-star performances and wins consistently.

The Will to Win Guide gives you the chance to finally:

  • Permanently eliminate your self-doubt and instead BELIEVE in yourself, giving you a power and force of will like never before. This makes you aggressive and focused right from the start of your event.
  • Develop genuine confidence as an athlete. Confidence is your Sun Energy, where you FEEL your strengths and successes to the extreme, and never need to apologize for your dominance. It is this type of confidence that gives you all-star performances, even on days when you feel just ‘okay’ physically.
  • Stop getting caught up in negative thoughts, where you find yourself worrying about losing, making mistakes, or just performing poorly. This one change alone makes you feel like the King or Queen of the world, because you are finally in control of your own mind.
  • Transform your skills from good to great as an athlete using an astonishingly simple pursuit of excellence technique that, until now, has been kept under wraps by champions
  • Come up big at crunch time and emerge victorious from races, games or matches that used to slip through your fingers. By throwing out old, outdated ideas about who you are as an athlete and replacing with the truth of your true genius, you are able to rise to the occasion no matter what.
  • Motivate yourself to train and compete day in and day out using the power of your personal passion and purpose. By channeling your fierce desire, you will embody what coach Bobby Knight said: “It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”
  • Finally know in your heart, once and for all, that your talent, skills, and mental toughness are more than ‘good enough’ and stand up and take your place on the podium where you belong.

What Is The Will to Win?

The Will to Win is your ability to make it happen out there.

Of course, the key element of the Will to Win was explained by coach Vince Lombardi in his famous speech. He said:

“Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all the time thing.

You don't win once in a while; you don't do things right once in a while;
you do them right all the time.

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.
You've got to play with your heart, with every fiber of your body.”

(You can download the complete Vince Lombardi Will to Win speech here.)

Why The Will to Win Is So Miraculous…

You need the Will to Win because in order to make it happen out there, you must first develop the habit of personal excellence. This is the habit of striving to be better every time you practice and compete.

The more you strive for personal excellence, the better athlete you become -- technically, physically, and mentally. And each day builds on the day before, making you exponentially better.

When this happens, you realize the success that is supposed to be yours no one can take away, delay, or stop coming from you. You realize that delivering a peak performance or winning does not depend on you getting favourable circumstances. You know that everything you have done will eventually and inevitably lead to success and winning.

In other words...

If you are not in the habit of developing the Will to Win every day, you are definitely going to under-perform in your sport. And once you start under-performing, you're far more likely to suffer from repeated poor performances and humiliating losses in the future.

But you don't have to resign yourself to losing, mediocrity, or eventually quitting your sport in frustration. You can take steps now that will eliminate your performance issues, get you winning, and transform you into an all-star and MVP athlete.



The Will to Win Guide
How to Transform Yourself into a Winning, MVP Athlete
Using The Secret Pursuit of Excellence Technique of Champions

Using the Will to Win pursuit of excellence technique of champions, you are going to permanently change the way you practice and compete, transforming yourself into an all-star athlete and true champion, no matter what results you’ve gotten in the past…


Using the Will to Win Guide…

You can make it happen out there and stop losing to opponents who only have a fraction of your talent…

You can eliminate self-doubt and negative self-talk and develop unshakable confidence instead, no matter how long it’s been going on….

You can transform your skills from good to great – instead of comparing yourself to others and feeling like you’re falling short…

You can bounce back when facing adversity and come back stronger than ever…

Female_Basketball_Player_ConfidentYou can motivate yourself to train with the highest quality of effort, get out of your comfort zone, and become better than you ever thought possible…

Here is the criteria I set out when creating Will to Win Guide:

1.It had to be ridiculously simple.

2.It had to work for every athlete who did it

3.It had to provide you with an unstoppable Will to Win that will get you into an amazing cycle of motivation, pursuit of excellence, peak performance and winning.

The result?

A proven, amazing method you can use to program yourself for total success at the same time as you train and compete.

No endless studying or journaling.

No exhausting affirmations or trying to change your thinking.

It’s almost like pushing a button! It’s that easy!

Here’s a quick re-cap of what you get:

Concept One
What is The Will to Win and Why So Few Athletes Have It

In this module you will learn in more depth what the Will to Win is and exactly how it is different from the approach of the average performer.


Concept Two
The Three Steps to Cultivating the Will to Win

In this module you will discover the three steps to cultivating the Will to Win so able to boost your confidence, transform your skills from good to great, deliver all-star performances, score winning goals, close out matches, achieve personal bests, and break records.


Concept Three
Will to Win Visualization Audio

This is a powerful visualization audio that you can use to program yourself with the Will to Win secret technique for the pursuit of excellence with no extra effort. Just by hitting ‘play’ on this session, you will condition your mind with the exact attitude necessary to create and give optimal performance anytime, anywhere you choose.


Easy Delivery & Immediate Access

The Will to Win Guide is in Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) and MP3 format. After ordering, you will be directed to a secure page, where you will download your files. Almost all computers have Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed and there will be no wait time.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and you’ll be able to access your training in less than 5 minutes from right now.

I’ll Only Sell 500 Copies At This Price

Time is very much “Of the Essence”… I can’t stress the time-sensitiveness of this offer enough.

Not only will the 500 copies go quickly (at which point the discount will expire) but trust me, you don’t want to miss it…

Here’s What My Students Say…


Genuine confidence is an absolute necessity if you want to reach your potential. I’ve worked with Lisa as a personal mental toughness coach and have accessed Lisa’s talents in training teams I have coached.

Lisa’s work is very effective because she delivers the training at the level the clients need…and it’s the type of training that you take with you and use on a daily basis towards success.


Lisa thank you so much for the Courage to Win! My competition was awesome. I won!!!!!! I also did a new personal best. Now my goal is to do it again at Nationals!


I am 47 years old. Since I was a kid I liked to play tennis but at that time was expensive for my parents and they couldn`t afford it. Two years ago I had the chance to start having lessons, I thought that for this kind of sport you must start when you are a kid, but I was wrong. Soon I started to play matches and now I am playing in local tournaments.

I have to play to 18 years old kids sometimes, and at 47 this is very tough but I like the challenge. Today against all predictions I won a tough match and I know your book helped me do it. I was most of the time down in the score, but I won anyway 4-6, 7-6, 7-6. For the first time I was able to maintain focus in the important moments in a very long match. Thank you very much!


Your information on mental toughness saved me a great deal of money. You made it so simple, be your own mental toughness coach! In the past I would wait for other people to tell me how good I was. Now I can create this confidence from the inside. My national show is at the end of the year and I know I will turn pro. Thank you!


Lisa, you won't believe the impact "The Courage to Win®" had on my Junior Varsity Boys High School Volleyball team (gr10-11).

It seemed whenever the team was in a playoff, they just could not win. For 2 full months we worked at skills and techniques to get over that hump of not being able to win the big games.

Nothing seemed to work. Here in front of me was an offer to purchase an Ebook, the exercises take only 7 days. I will be honest, I was very skeptical, but it was local to Calgary and I really did not have anything to lose, except the cost of the book! I purchased the book. In 5 minutes I walked through the visualization with them, breaking down the skill to very simple components having them see themselves performing the skill through their own eyes.

In a matter of 3 weeks the team went from not being able to win when it counts to losing not being an option, and our focus the entire time was never the win, but rather playing OUR style of game. I can't say enough about how this program has positively impacted my approach to coaching.


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