THANK YOU for checking out my Courage to Win® in Sport System, which gives you the amazing mental toughness secrets hoarded by superstar athletes for unshakable confidence, performing your best, and winning under pressure. 

I hope you love it as much as I loved making it for you.

Below you will see where you can access your training. We've also sent you the link to access your program via email too. 

I also have an important GIFT for you. It's a 50% OFF coupon for the next step in your training, which will give you help applying your System so you get results EASIER and FASTER - in just 30 days or less.


This is entirely possible when we help you customize the Courage to Win® System to your unique situation - because nothing is ever "one size fits all."

That's what our ADVANCED 30-Day Training program will do for you.

It shows you how to customize the Courage to Win® Sport System so you can fast track yourself and get results with lightening speed by using easy baby steps.

Here's a fraction of what you get:

  • The Magical two-step “E.V.” Method method that makes you aggressive, focused, and confident right from the start of your event (no more feeling unsure and paralysed by nerves before the competition). 
  • The three-part "Fear of Failure Cure" I personally used to score the winning goals in the dying minutes of 3 World Championships...without traditional sport psychology techniques (because they only pump you up only temporarily).
  • Behind-the-scenes walkthrough of the three different types of psyche up tools I’ve used  …complete with audios, cheatsheets, and post-competition debrief templates. These tools will make you immue to stressors - all from National team and Olympic athletes.

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Here's how to get the discount:

Click here.

Scroll down and click on the gold bar that says, "Yes, I Want To Gain The Courage to Win in Sport and Start Winning Today."

Scroll down until you see the price on the right hand side.

Under the price you will see a coupon code box. 

Enter the following code: sportspecial

Click the checkmark. 

The price will drop by 50%. Fill in your information and hit submit. 

I can't wait to see you in the training!

Go here.

Your friend,
Lisa Lane Brown &
The Courage to Win® Team

P.S. Remember, you're just 30 seconds of courage away from success!

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