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I want to give you a FREE copy of my book,

The Courage to Win:
Mental Toughness Training for Success

The reason why is that there are too many people who are struggling to reach their potential because they don’t understand the hidden key to creating a life of joy, true greatness, and success. 

This book will help you create your dream life using the Courage to Win® and that’s why I want you to have a FREE downloadable copy of it right now. 

If you go to Amazon.com you can get a copy of it for $24.95,
but today I want to give it to you for FREE.

Here are just a few of the secrets you will discover:

Secret #1: The Intangible Mental Toughness Factor Hardly Anybody Comprehends

Mental toughness is that little-known, yet incredibly powerful ONE THING that puts high achievers at the peak of happiness and success above anything and everything else. It’s the power to believe in your inherent worth despite fear, failure or intimidation...to stay in control and triumph when facing setbacks...and to create true happiness inside, even when you face challenges and loss.Those who possess this precious mental toughness factor know how to start from ground zero and build a lifetime of joy, true greatness, and success against all odds.

Secret #2: Your Unique Courage Formula

“Tell me how you master fear, and I’ll predict your success in career, love, and money forever.”
Each of us has a unique ‘courage formula’ programmed into our unconscious, and this formula dictates our success and happiness above all other factors. That’s why you can be very skilled, talented, and educated, but if your ‘courage formula’ is not fine-tuned, then happiness and success will elude you (no matter how hard you work). Fortunately, you can quickly re-program your ‘courage formula’ to generate automatic self-mastery and success in all that matters to you. This is precisely the method you learn in Secret #2.

Secret #3: How to Gain Unstoppable Self-Confidence

This secret is our proprietary protocol for defeating fear and gaining unstoppable self-confidence. It’s a very simple paint-by-number process that walks you through step by step how to take yourself from self-doubt to total confidence that success will come running into your arms.

Secret #4: The Path to Mastery

This secret shows you the easy to apply technique that top performers use to gain mastery in any skill, whether it’s influencing other people or attracting a person romantically or losing weight or investing to gain wealth. It’s a technique we’ve used to teach thousands of athletes how to correct errors in their performance and adapted for life outside of sport.

“ Live Your Dreams coaching was exactly what I needed after going through a major career setback. I was quickly able to identify the root of the problem, eliminate my emotional baggage, and then develop the confidence, personal genius, and influence I needed to succeed. I was truly enlightening and already opened a number of doors for me. I fully recommend the Courage to Win route to success! ”

- Alison Forsyth, PhD, Harvard University

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